About us

Welcome to The Raspberry Room! We are your one-stop shop for all things life + style! Explore our sustainable party range, unique and curated giftware collections, and all the snazziest of homewares to brighten up your space. We pride ourselves on sourcing and designing quality products, providing sustainable choices and sharing our distinctive approach to styling and décor.

We are a life + style destination that helps Raspberries to create meaningful and memorable moments that celebrate their unique life + style!

About Us:
Based in sunny Perth, we are a small, but mighty, team! Ricardo is our level-headed voice of reason and practical accounts manager, and Emma is our Chief Raspberry, the creative force behind our brand . Whatever you read, see or buy, Em has sourced, designed, created and written! It me!

Some fun facts:

  • Emma never leaves the house without lipstick – they are everywhere, in handbags, the car, in the kids backpacks, coat packets… she’s obsessed!
  • Both Em and Ricardo and not from originally from Perth.
  • Emma is a Tiger and Ricardo is an Eagle.
  • Ricardo is not Ricardo’s real name (wink wink).
  • They live with two housemates* and a dog.

We are passionate about collaboration – team work makes the dream work, and we luuuurve sharing amazing biz babes brands we work with along the way. After all, work should be fun right?!

So watch this space gorgeous Raspberries – we are in for a wild ride!

** Housemates are mini humans. Their mini humans.

Our Mission:
To empower and inspire our Raspberries to create meaningful moments that celebrate their unique life + style. We encourage our Raspberries to take risks, have fun with styling and to think sustainably.

Our vision is to be an ultimate source of life + style inspiration, through education, resources and products.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:
The Raspberry Room has always focussed on sustainability and being eco-aware in our products and packaging choices, and we want to help educate our Raspberries to do the same! Our mission is to help our Raspberries purchase “sustainable, reusable and affordable” products; to reflect on their environmental footprint when making choices for their home and celebrations. We are dedicated to sourcing and designing beautiful products that are reusable and sustainable and many of our products are designed in-house and crafted by female-owned businesses worldwide, including right here in Perth at Raspberry HQ. We are constantly pivoting, experimenting, and exploring innovative practises for more sustainable styling; we are always learning and developing, and we want to pass what we learn onto our Raspberries.