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Ice Cream Party

This series is aimed at sharing some real life party inspo and how you can achieve the same look using our products. We want you to feel empowered to have a go at creating your own unique party lewk, and hopefully this series will help inspire you to flex those creative muscles.



I mean... who doesn't love ice cream right?! When we first laid eyes on our Ice Cream Honeycombs we fell in love, right there, on the spot! They became the starting block for building our Ice Cream Collection. We knew we wanted a bright and colourful palette for our Ice Cream Party, to show off all the opportunities for playing with colour and shapes. 
We started with picking our table cloth. This one is actually just a huge piece of material from Spotlight. We didn't even hem it (sneaky sneaky). Purple is cheerful and we knew that the gingham would be the perfect backdrop upon which to build our table as it wouldn't clash with any of the plates and accessories we were planning on using.


Once the linen were down and we were happy with it, we started placing our table settings. We decided on using all four colours of Ice Cream Dessert Plates and matched them to their Dinner Plate from our Essentials Collection. This helped ground each setting and really emphasise the colour of each Ice Cream Plate. Matching the cups and napkins was super easy once we knew where each table setting was placed.
Hot tip... when you're starting to build your table scape, always place the 'essentials' first. Set the table with you plates, cups, napkins and cutlery so then you can see how much room you have left to play with!
Once we placed our table settings, it was time to have a play with all our accessories! The best part right?!



We started with the cupcakes and cake to give the table some height. Then we placed the candles and flowers so we could balance the different height elements of the table.
Next up was the honeycombs. We always try and use honeycombs on the table as it brings texture and they are such. fun way to add colour! We used both the bell and round shaped honeycombs this time and in various sizes. 
The final part of decorating and setting the table was the sprinkling of confetti; the multicoloured confetti really added a final, playful touch to the table.

The final element of our Ice Cream Party, and probably the most laborious and time consuming, was the backdrop.
We really wanted to showcase our fab Ice Cream Honeycombs - the jumping off point for the entire Ice Cream Collection! 
When preparing for a backdrop like this, it's a great idea to put together all your different elements before you start hanging. We chose all our garlands, balls and bells and laid them all out together with the Ice Cream Honeycombs to ensure we had the right balance of colours, shapes and sizes to create an eclectic, balanced backdrop that had movement.
Once we had chosen the different products, we started hanging. Backdrops need to start 'backwards'; place/hang the parts you want at the back and then build forwards. For example, we wanted garlands that swooped side to side and then the honeycombs in front. So we placed the garlands first. Then we added honeycombs from the outside, in, balancing colour and size as we went; starting with the larger honeycombs and then adding the smaller ones. The final pieces we placed were our 'hero' pieces - the Ice Cream Honeycombs! We wanted to ensure they were the focus and had centre stage!

We would love to see how you have styled your Ice Cream Party! Don't forget to tag us in socials or use the hashtag #raspberryroomstyle.

All the products used are listed below, so go and check them out on our website.  

Love Em xx

Products featured:

Tableware - 
Ice Cream Dinner Plates

Ice Cream Napkins

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Backdrop Screen -
Honeycomb Ice Creams

Honeycomb Bells and Balls

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